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Let us talk of Yuletide things...

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for signing up for this challenge! This is my second year and the first was so much fun, I couldn't wait to do it again. So I've thought long and hard about what I'm interested in this year and put together some brief comments on each of my requests. As always, optional details are optional - I'll be happy with pretty much anything you choose to write for me. These prompts are just to give you an idea of my tastes.

Loves - backstory, family/found family relationships, casefic, canon compliance

Dislikes - AU, porn (I don't mind things leading that way, just prefer a discreet fade)

Killjoys - Dutch, Johnny, Fancy, Lucy - this show was one of the highlights of a surprisingly good summer TV season for me, both for the action and for the great character relationships. Johnny and Dutch are a fantastic pair, and I'd like to know more about how their relationship developed from him trying to steal her ship to being the closest of friends. What were their early jobs like? Or how about some more info on Fancy and the other killjoys? For that matter, did we ever learn how Dutch became a killjoy in the first place? I'm not opposed to shippy Johnny/Dutch.

Mr. Robot - Darlene, Angela - This show, of course, was the one that truly blew me away, but it's not the main character I want to know more about. We've seen all this stuff through the mind of the unreliable narrator, so what does it look like from outside? What has it been like for Darlene to watch her brother so completely lose his mind? I'd like to see more of the family-like relationship between Darlene and Angela (but I don't slash them, although if you want to then sure, convince me), or maybe a bit more insight into the other hackers.

Call the Midwife - Any character - I adore Chummy. What was it like for her growing up and how did she turn out so relentlessly optimistic? Or, if she's not your cuppa, how about something with Fred and his moneymaking schemes upending life in the house? Or maybe something focusing on how the work brings these women of varied backgrounds closer together. Maybe show two characters who normally clash working together in a crisis? I'm pretty much asking for anything, which I know is maddening. Sorry.

Seveneves - Any character - This is a book I can't get out of my mind, despite its flaws. There's a huge time gap with plenty of space to fill in. I am very not interested in things expanding on events that were already shown, but want more of what was happening off-screen . What happened to the small group that fled to Mars? What was life like in the Alaskan mines? Or for the early generations growing up in the Cradle? On a bleak note, just how did things get so bad for the Ark? Please build me a world :)

Again, feel free to ignore all of this and follow your muse, I'm flexible and easily satisfied. I hope you have a great Yuletide!

AO3 username: QuantumButterfly

Now that reveals are out...

This was my first year, and I surprised myself by writing three fics. In alphabetical order by fandom:

A View to a Kale - Bob's Burgers.

The New Intern - Parks and Recreation

Call Me When You Need a Friend - Parks and Recreation RPF (archive locked)

OK, none of those are that great - how about my awesome gifts?

Seeing Green - Brooklyn 99 by Missy
A hilarious story about Gina leading Jake into high-school mischief

Happiest Place on Earth - Lock In (John Scalzi) by HopefulNebula
I think this is the first fanfic ever for this book? Anyway, it's a great slice of backstory that thoroughly yet concisely explores the intersection between disability and technology raised in the book.

Misadventures in Babysitting - Parks and Recreation by epicycles
It's April and Andy watching the triplets for a day. 'Nuff said.

Dear Yuletide Writer

AO3 username: QuantumButterfly (it's a new account, haven't posted anything there yet)

Hi! I've never done Yuletide before so I am super excited to finally participate. I'm sure I will love whatever you create, but I know most people like to have an idea of their recipient's preferences, so here we go:

Likes: plotty, friendship, canon-plausible, workplace, casefic, backstory

Dislikes: porn of any kind, AUs

My requests:

Lock In - Chris, Leslie, Twyla, The Twins

I admit it, I ship Leslie/Chris, though I don't even know how that would physically work. But I am not insisting on shippy stuff here. There are a lot of cool ideas introduced in the book that have room for exploration, like what is the deal with The Twins? I'd prefer that Chris remain gender-non-specified, just because I thought that was really plausible - one of my headcanons are that people who were infected as kids just don't make an issue of gender presentation because they are so removed from their physical bodies. In this headcanon, there are threeps and voice emulators that do give more gender hints, but they're mostly used by those who contracted the disease as adults. Plotty casefic! The roomies hanging around doing roomie stuff! Chris as a child learning just how different they are from most kids (not just the condition, but the fame)! Leslie forced by circumstances to serve as an Integrator again! Sciency science!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Jake, Gina Rosa

Gina is my favorite character on this show. I know that what we've been shown of her life seems a little sad, but I think there's more to her than just goofy, kinda mean, weirdo (but I hope you keep those traits!). I would love to have a fic about her and Jake as friends growing up - I tend to think that they got into a lot of trouble, and it was mostly at her instigation. Did she end up working for the police because of him - maybe once he joined the force, she just kind of shrugged and sort of followed (but was self-aware enough to know she couldn't hack the academy). Or, Rosa/Gina shippy stuff - can Gina break through to Rosa's sensitive side and finally find true love? Or will she just pine from afar? Just if you do sexy scenes, I prefer a discreet fade to black rather than details.

Better Off Ted - Ted, Veronica, Lem, Phil

This show (and these characters) are really wacky and weird. This is one where I would really prefer something mostly focused on their work misadventures. Ted tends to get treated as "the only sane man", so let's see some of the reasons he is actually a perfect fit with the others. What happens when Phil and Lem get free reign on a project and what bizarre and possible deadly things do they invent? More Veronica softer side/letting her hair down! Ted tries to leave the company and Phil/Lem sabotage everything out of neediness! The company is finally investigated and they must all work together to hide their shady deeds! Phil and Lem go to a conference and try to fit in! I don't think Ted and Veronica would make a great couple but if you do, then feel free to try to convince me.

Orphan Black - Felix, Sarah Mrs. S., Kira

I am so into these four as a family. What was childhood like for Fe and Sarah? How did she slip into a life as a petty criminal? Or futurefic! Is there a happily-ever-after for any of them? Does Kira actually have superpowers and will she use them to save (or avenge) her loved ones?

Parasol Protectorate - any characters

I love, love, the world that's been built here, so anything that sneaks in little details about the quirks that make this world different than ours would be fun. Let's see Lord Akeldama have some adventures on his own - or Alexia lost without his help and guidance.

Parks and Recreation - April, Andy, Leslie, Ben

This is one of my favorite shows, and these four are some of the characters I like best. I'd like something about that weird time when Ben was roommates with April and Andy. Actually anything April/Andy would thrill me.